A 45-year-old woman in Missouri named Janie Hall recently met a guy on the dating site PlentyOfFish.com. And they had their first date at a Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City about two weeks ago.

We don't know his name, but he's in his 50's and during their date he had a medical emergency. 

They talked for about 45 minutes after dinner. Then he started coughing stood up and face-planted on the floor and blood started coming out of his mouth.

She knew he wasn't choking, because they weren't eating at that point. So she checked his pulse couldn't find one and started doing CPR while a waitress had someone call 911.

She kept doing chest compressions for about eight minutes until paramedics got there. By that point he had a weak pulse and because of Janie, he made it.

She followed the ambulance to the hospital, and went back to see him a few days later. His doctors still aren't sure what happened, but he should be okay. And yes, he does want to go on a second date, which they're planning to do soon.